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Thanks to Beta Sigma Phi, Laurete Chapter

Boulder City Hospital Long Term Care would like to thank Beta Sigma Phi, Laurete Chapter for their thoughtful and generous donation!

We were able to purchase a beautiful love seat for our resident lounge, completing our set and allowing the residents and their families to visit in a comfortable and attractive atmosphere. Our residents, their families, and the staff of Boulder City Hospital are very grateful and appreciative. Thank you!

Lines of Life

Lines of LifeOn Friday, October, 14, Tracey Ford Perry, along with her husband, Scott Perry, and two friends, Emire Stitt, and Brenda West, had the opportunity to meet, visit, and photograph residents of the Boulder City Hospital Long Term Care Unit (BCHLTC). Each of the individuals had a story to tell, and they listened. These individuals are beautiful souls who have lived interesting lives. They chatted for a bit, finding out just a little – barely a glimpse of what their lives were prior to entering this remarkable facility.

The one resounding statement was how much they enjoyed their lives within BCHLTC, highlighting their outings as the favorite thing they like to do as a group. “As we chatted and captured their image we learned many interesting facts about each person. Before we left, we asked each person to tell us what they would say to the NEXT generation growing up in our elementary schools today. Take a peek at the photographs we took and read their message to our future leaders.” ~ Tracey Ford Perry

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