MDS Coordinator – Per Diem


The MDS Coordinator is responsible to assess and/or coordinate the assessment of all residents and to complete the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI), the electronic transmission of RAI data to the State of Nevada, the transfer of Resident Assessment Group Data (RUG) to the hospital PatCom system, and the ongoing education of those completing the MDS. Demonstrates the knowledge to complete the RAI and aforementioned responsibilities. Facilitates communication between the Interdisciplinary Team.


Evaluation of patient care outcomes, Medication administration, care management and may be required to give direct patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, and assisting in examinations and treatments. Ability to lift, walk, carry and stand.


RAI Preparation:

1. Schedules completion of RAI following State and Federal guidelines.
2. Performs assessments of all residents.
3. Inputs data into the RAI computer system.
4. Assists in completion of RAI as needed.
5. Supervises completion of the RAI by the Interdisciplinary Team.
6. Screens each Minimum Data Set (MDS) for accuracy before finalizing, locking and signing.
7. Transmits RAI data to state weekly.

Financial Data Transfer:

1. Enters weekly submission RUG score into hospital PatCom system.
2. Communicates with Business Office to coordinate accurate billing.


1. Able to train new personnel in RAI completion.
2. Provides education updates to current staff.
3. Evaluates own needs for personal and professional development to maintain level of competence and practice.

Care Planning:

1. Calculates triggers and uses resident assessment protocols to initiation of care plan.
2. Implements each resident’s care plan through action and education of all staff involved.
3. Coordination of weekly Interdisciplinary Team care plan conferences.

Continuous Quality Improvement:

1. Monitors RAI process.
2. Develops plans for improvement of RAI process as needed.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Maintains clinical competency in order to provide direct care as needed.
2. Conducts self in a professional manner utilizing critical thinking in the resolution of problems.
3. Performs other duties incidental to the position and as delegated by the LTC Director of Nursing.
4. Attends annual in-services as well as mandatory staff meetings.
5. Knowledge of RN duties and responsibilities.
6. Possesses and portrays a positive attitude toward residents, staff and families.


1. Works with the physician and other medical staff to assess the condition of the patient, devise an individual healthcare plan, and see that it is implemented.
2. Keeps records documenting an assessment of the patient’s condition, amount and times of medication, vital signs and treatments, as well as any unusual change in condition.
3. Possesses good organizational and leadership abilities.
4. Possesses good oral and written communication skills.
5. Must possess computer skills.
6. Able to effectively deal with the needs of the geriatric population.


1. Graduation from an accredited School of Nursing.
2. Current licensure by the Nevada State Board of Nursing as a RN.
3. Certification in geriatrics or MDS desirable.
4. Two years Long Term Care experience preferred.
5. Experience with RAI preferred.