MSW – Home Health – Per Diem


To provide Medical Social Services to patients in accordance with a plan of care prescribed by a physician to identify and recommend solutions and resources to psychosocial problems.


Ability to effectively care for patients. Must possess a current Nevada Drivers License, along with a vehicle to provide transportation. Able to lift, walk, carry and stand.


A qualified Medical Social Worker licensed to practice in the State of Nevada shall provide medical Social Services. Service priority will be provided where social problems hinder resolution of an acute serious health problem such as lack of safe and adequate food or house, danger to oneself or others, signs of abuse, or other circumstances in which the nurse or therapist feel priority should be given.

The responsibilities of the Medical Social Worker shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Patient Care Activities:
a) Assessment of the patient’s psycho social status
b) Participation with team approach to OASIS completion, care planning, problem solving and discharge planning.
c) Provision of Medical Social Services including short-term individual counseling, community resource planning and crisis intervention.
d) Utilization of appropriate community resources.

2. Documentation:
a) Timely recording of all evaluation data, interventions, and patient/family response.
b) Recording of conference outcomes.
c) Notifies agency if unable to complete patient visits due to illness, vacation, etc.


1. MSW with one-year social work experience in health care setting.

2. To aid in the resolution of socioeconomic difficulties which may interfere with the achievement of optimal benefits from current health care services.

3. To develop and maintain patient and/or staff liaison with other social and health resources and assist in their utilization as necessary.

4. To assist with integration of Medical Social Services within the agency and to ensure adequate supervision of Medical Social Services provided by the agency.

5. To contribute to agency staff education through planned in-service programs and individual social guidance, instruction and counseling.


1. Current licensure in the State of Nevada to practice Social Work at the Master’s degree level.

2. Consultation with patients and families/caregivers.

3. Consultation with agency staff and referral sources as appropriate.

4. Participation in continuing education in compliance with state and federal guidelines.