Partial Hospitalization Program RN – Per Diem


The RN is responsible for coordinating initial assessments to ensure clients meet the admission criteria for the program. In addition, monitors the physical/medical and medication management elements of care.


The RN must be able to effectively assess and monitor a patient’s medical and psychiatric care. Must possess a current Nevada Drivers License. Able to lift, walk, carry and stand.


The RN assumes responsibility and accountability for evaluating medical and psychiatric problems in the clients in the Partial Hospitalization Program. Also provides care to clients via use of the nursing process, collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, and/or by access or referral to medical care.


1. Coordinates Client Care:
• Performs nursing assessment, focusing on physical, emotional, and cognitive status. Able to identify discharge planning needs.
• Understands patient’s physical problems and refers to appropriate medical care.
• Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity towards client/family rights and patient confidentiality, as related to the psychiatric population.
• Maintains contact with, and provides information about changes in condition, lab results and proposed medication changes to others involved in care of the patient.

2. Administers and Monitors Medications:
• Follows policies and procedures for medication administration.
• Conducts patient education sessions with an emphasis on understanding and complying with medication orders.
• Works with physicians, pharmacy, state providers, case managers, group homes and staff at medication clinics to secure authorization for exchange of information and current medication lists.

3. Participates in the Financial Management of the Unit:
• Ensures that cost containment measures are maintained.
• Facilitates maximum utilization of material resources.
• Supports financial management plans by Program Director.

4. Displays Effective Skills for Patient Care Practices:
• Responds to identified client/family learning needs and implements appropriate measures to meet them.
• Performs documentation duties on the unit and in patient record, which is timely, accurate and concise.
• Attends weekly treatment team meeting to discuss medications, laboratory results, physical complaints of patients and physical conditions.
• Conducts group sessions to include symptom management, health and nutrition, and medication management.

5. Maintains Professional Development:
• Demonstrates competence in selected psychomotor skills.
• Demonstrates an awareness of self-responsibility and accountability for own professional practice.
• Maintains CPR certification.
• Demonstrates sound knowledge base and actions in the care of the psychiatric patient.
• Demonstrates self-directed learning and participation in continuing education to meet own professional development.
• Participates in development and attainment of unit and hospital goals.
• Practices effective problem identification and resolution skills.

6. Maintains Positive Working Relationships in the Community:
• Maintains positive working relationships with referents to be readily available for assessment.
• Assesses individuals in the community to evaluation for admission criteria.
• Offers initial treatment-planning foci, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team.
• Actively markets the program through repeat and new contacts in order to effectively maintain a stable census in the program.
• Works in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team to motivate the clients to maintain attendance in order to progress towards positive treatment outcomes.

7. Maintains Working Relationships:
• Participates actively in staff development activities for the Department and assists the hospital with mental health assessments as necessary.
• Formulates and maintains effective working relationships with all health care team members, clients and significant others.

8. Maintains Safety:
• Performs efficiently in emergency client situations, remaining calm, informing appropriate persons and documenting events.
• Functions with an awareness and application of safety issues as identified with the institution.
• Demonstrates awareness of legal issues in all aspects of client care and unit function and strives to manage situation in a reduced risk manner.

9. Quality Improvement:
• In collaboration with the PHP Manager, develops and implements quality improvement plan.
• Reviews, revises and modifies as needed.
• Provides Program Director with monthly report, discusses in staff meeting.
• Provides QA Department with quarterly reports with analysis of problems and action taken.


1. Consultation with patients and families/caregivers.
2. Consultation with agency staff and referral sources as appropriate.
3. Participates in continuing education in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
4. Therapeutic group process skills.


1. Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.
2. Two (2) years of experience in a health care delivery system is required, including experience working with Mental Health patients.
3. Current Licensure by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
4. Current BLS (CPR) Certification required.
5. CPI required.