Emergency Services

BCH Emergency Services

Emergency Room with little to no wait.

At Boulder City Hospital’s Emergency Department, we are committed to the health of you and your family. You will receive personal care that is prompt, courteous and professional, and without the wait.

We understand the nature of an emergency and the need to receive prompt attention.  This is why we are the only emergency department that can offer little to no wait Emergency Room services.

Boasting a staff of Board Certified Emergency Room Physicians and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified Nurses, we are proud of our ability to handle life threatening situations, arising from sudden onset of illness, accident or injury. The Emergency Care Facility is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week and is always ready to serve the community with both technology and excellence in care.

Remember, in an emergency situation, time is of the essence. We’re glad to be able to offer quality emergency care services with a short wait time right here in Boulder City.  Boulder City Hospital also offers air transport for those requiring time sensitive treatment.

Whatever the case, we’re here for you!

The Emergency Physician’s Bill is “Separate From” the Hospital Bill

Emergency Physician’s Bill

Professional fees for clinical and diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and / or supervision of care.

Hospital Bill

Charges pertaining to cost of nurses, ancillary and technical personnel, equipment, supplies, treatment area, etc.

To Our Patients:

The Emergency Department Physicians are private doctors who provide direct treatment, diagnostic services and/or supervision of care for patients they encounter in the Emergency Department. If you receive a bill from the Emergency Physicians, it will pertain only to these professional services.

If you are sent a bill from the Hospital, it will only pertain to charges incurred for the use of the Emergency Department treatment area, technical and ancillary personnel, supplies, and equipment, and it will include the Emergency Physician’s fee.

If you have a question pertaining to the Emergency Physician’s bill, please contact their business office Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 4:00pm at 1-800-355-2470.

Emergency Services
Manager: Amanda Munson, R.N.
Contact: (702) 293-4111 ext. 1664