About Us

Mission Statement

Boulder City Hospital seeks to continually improve the quality of the care and service to our patients, guests, and physicians. We promote effective and efficient utilization of available resources to ensure long-term financial viability. Boulder City Hospital seeks to earn the trust of the residents of Boulder City, neighboring communities and area visitors by meeting their health care, safety and related educational needs with compassion, integrity, and sincerity without regard to one’s ability to pay.

Vision Statement

Boulder City Hospital is deeply committed to the community and is fully focused on the services it provides. Boulder City Hospital envisions itself as the center of a locally governed, collaborative and adaptable system for the delivery of high quality health care services. In order to continue to excel, Boulder City Hospital constantly strives to remain on the forefront of medical technology by maintaining a state of the art facility, operating efficiently and pursuing continual improvement. Its medical staff and support personnel are not only highly educated professionals, but also understand the need to be, compassionate care givers.