Visiting Hours

To help ensure a safe environment for our patients, guests, and staff, we have revised our visitation policy effective March 1, 2021 for specific departments including amended mandatory visitation protocols due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Mandatory Visitation Protocols

  • All visitors must sign in at the Reception Desk as you enter the Hospital, receive a visitor’s badge and place it on a visible area on your clothing.

  • All Visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before they are allowed into the hospital. A temperature log will be completed and will include:

    • Temperature
    • Asking the questions of:
      • Do you have a dry cough?
      • Have you experienced a fever since you last worked?
      • Have you traveled out of the state since you last worked?
      • Have you been around anyone who has been exposed or who is COVID-19 positive?
      • For a visitor who has a temperature above 100 the following procedure will be followed:
        • The visitor will be given a mask and asked to take a seat.
        • After 5 minutes the visitor will have their temperature retaken if it continues to be 100.4 degrees or above, the visitor will be asked to leave the hospital and instructed to contact their medical provider.
      • Visitors will be given a copy of Covid-19 information and temperature information.

    • After completing the screening process, the visitor will then be given the visitor badge and instructed to always wear it during their visit

    • Masking is required at all times while in the building.
      • Any visitor not wearing a badge will be escorted back to the front desk to complete the check-in process

Departmental Visitation

  • Medical Surgical and Transitional Rehab units (only)
    • Visiting hours are from 1PM to 7PM daily
    • One visitor over the age of 18 will be allowed at a time
  • Same Day Surgery
    • Due to the unique nature of the ambulatory outpatient surgery center, the surgery manager will make the decision on whether or not to allow visitors.
  • Emergency Department
    • No visitor/volunteer policy until further notice.
  • Long Term Care (LTC)
    • No in-building visitor/volunteer policy until further notice.

Animal Visitation

Boulder City Hospital recognizes the therapeutic benefits a patient receives when visited by loved ones. For many, this includes the family pet. Boulder City Hospital is happy to accommodate a patient’s family pet so long as the following criteria are met:

  • The Patient wishes for the animal to visit
  • A current shot/vaccine record is on file with the Hospital
  • Visit is during regular Visiting Hours
  • Exotic pets or pets which cannot be immunized (i.e. birds, reptiles) are not allowed.

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