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General Purpose:

To provide quality patient care services as directed by supervisor in a courteous manner, thoroughly explaining each procedure to the patient before beginning and helping to provide a pleasant, comfortable, positive atmosphere for the patients.

Essential Functions:

Gives direct patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, and assisting in examinations and treatments. Ability to lift, walk, carry and stand.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Give quality care and service which meets the standards of practice at Boulder City Hospital and adheres to hospital nursing service philosophy, policies and procedures.

2. Maintain confidential information regarding patients.

3. Report on and off duty to the nurse in charge when leaving or returning to the area.

4. Participate in required meetings and inservices.

5. Assist nurses with admit, transfer, discharge patients and answer call lights.

6. Assist nurses with giving oral hygiene, baths and related care, makes beds, and provides good skin care, mouth care, and comfort and safety measures, when not performing Unit Clerk duties.

7. Assist nurses with preparing patients for meals and assist as necessary, pick up trays, measure and record fluid intake, serve nourishment and provide fresh water as needed.

8. Assist nursing with measuring and recording output, collect specimens, give perineal care, give and remove bedpan and urinal, observe incontinent patients frequently and clean as necessary. Assist in bladder and bowel training; assist patients to bathroom or with commode when not performing Unit Clerk duties.

9. Assist nursing with taking and recording vital signs (pulse, temperature, respirations, blood pressure and weight), when not performing Unit Clerk duties.. Report all observations concerning patients to the Nurse, and contribute information to the Nursing Care Plan.

10. Assist nursing with patient to wheelchair, stretcher and patient lifters, along with assisting nursing with patient in moving, turning, and in-and-out of bed.

11. Seek out way to be of assistance to licensed staff in patient care activities or in maintaining order of the unit.

Unit Clerk Duties:

1. Answer telephone courteously, taking accurate message and route calls appropriately, and uses paging system effectively.

2. Transcribe physician orders, maintain medical record, entry of medications ordered when pharmacy not available.

3. Organize Nursing Station ensuring down time documentation tools are available and hardware is operational (including computers, telephones, FAX and copier).

4. Monitor cardiac rhythms, identifying changes and recording rhythm strips for the EMR

Skills & Abilities Required

1. Demonstrates good skills in all forms of communication. Works well with others in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.
2. Accepts and acts upon constructive criticism.
3. Interacts and communicates with others in a way that promotes a positive and cooperative work environment.
4. Demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm in performing job duties.
5. Willingness to adjust personal schedule in case of workload fluctuations or other departmental needs.
6. Channels concerns appropriately.

Education and Experience Required

1. Current Nevada Licensure as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the State of Nevada.
2. Current BLS Certification.
3. Must be able to show proof of Tel Tech/EKG Rythem Class
4. Understands the need for confidentiality of information gained while performing the job.

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