Rehabilitation Services

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Need physical or occupational therapy close by, our outpatient clinic offers rehabilitation services by friendly, caring and attentive staff. You will be provided with an individualized exercise program and therapeutic plan specific to your health condition based on you and your physician’s goals appropriate to your health condition.  Our team of licences physical and occupational therapists provide treatment for the following conditions:

  • Neck and Back Injury
  • Shoulder and Arm Pain
  • Hand and Wrist Pain
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Ankle and Foot Pain
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Balance and Gait Impairments
  • TMJ
  • Wound Care
  • Many more

Physical therapy helps you achieve maximal function independence by improving and restoring mobility, strength, and functional movement; physical therapy is also a regimen known to reduce pain.  Many different techniques are used in physical therapy including exercise, hot/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, deep tissue ultrasound, massage therapy, traction therapy and many other modalities.

Occupational Therapy aims to improve and restore your every day living and work skills.  Occupational therapy addresses your physical, cognitive, psychosocial and environmental needs.  Treatments are developed to assist with modification of tasks , adaptation to the environment,  skills or use of adaptive equipment to perform activities of daily living.

Boulder City Hospital accepts most health plans and Medicare for qualified services. Remember, if your physician prescribes therapy, you have the right to choose your therapy provider.  Boulder City Hospital’s licensed rehabilitation staff will help you achieve your highest possible level of independence and improve your quality of life.

Our one of kind physical therapy manager works closely with Touro University to continuously develop and maintain a state of the art falls prevention program which is a consistent practice in our facility.  She is also an active member of the Southern Nevada Falls Coalition where she works members of the community to address fall risks and preventive tactics.

Manager: Shannon Shepherd, MSPT
Contact: (702) 293-4111 ext. 1520